Monday, December 22, 2014

Fixed link to a video on Articles and Interviews about the Archive page

A link to a 2011 video by University of Nebraska-Lincoln University
Communications, featuring an interview with Ken Price about his
discovery of the scribal documents, was broken. I updated the link,
and the video now plays in most browsers. There is additional
trouble-shooting we need to do to have it viewable in Chrome, but in
other browsers the video can be viewed at

~ Liz

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Digital Humanities Projects Librarian
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Publicity video in about section now playable

For some time, the 2004 publicity video about the Whitman Archive was
not playing in web browsers. I updated the sitemap to address this
issue, and the video should now play. The video is linked from


Elizabeth Lorang, Ph.D.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Corrected word spelling in correspondence

In an April 2, 1870 letter from Charles Warren Stoddard to Walt Whitman, Stoddard spelled the word "prose" as "proze."  I've updated the transcription accordingly.

~ Nikki

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Corrected external link on Image Gallery page

The link to the UNL Libraries Digital Collections at the bottom of the
image gallery page (
was out of date. I have updated the link

~ Liz

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Correspondence added to Whitman Archive

I have added 63 new letters from the Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction periods. The letters are available on the Whitman Archive at

~ Nikki

Corrected recipient in February 4, 1881 letter

We had previously listed the recipient of a February 4, 1881 letter from Whitman (loc.04291) as Horace Traubel.  Edwin Haviland Miller, in volume 6 of The Correspondence, identifies the recipient of this letter as Horace Howard Furness.  I have corrected the letter to reflect Miller's identification. 

~ Nikki

Re: Articles About the Archive Migrated to TEI P5

This post is a follow-up on the changelog entry about the migration of
the About the Archive articles to TEI P5. As part of this work, I made
a few corrections, which I neglected to mention in my earlier post:

*I corrected the title of the National Archives video (previously was
titled "New Trove of Walt Whitman Documents Discovered in the National
Archives; "New Trove" was not part of the title, so I deleted those
words). In addition, I updated the link so that it now goes directly
to the relevant video rather than to the National Archives YouTube
channel home.

*I added information to Matt Cohen's essay, "Transgenic Deformation,"
to indicate that it was first published on the Whitman Archive and had
been delivered as a paper at a meeting of the Modern Language

*I corrected the link to William Pannapacker's essay, The Walt Whitman
Archive: The Body of Work Electric, which previously returned a file
not found error.


On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 3:06 PM, Elizabeth Lorang <> wrote:
> I have migrated the TEI encoding of the Articles about the Archive to
> TEI P5 and have published the new versions of the files
> ( With this
> migration, the articles also now have the more recent Archive styling,
> including the metadata box at the beginning of each item.
> --Liz

Friday, December 12, 2014

Articles About the Archive Migrated to TEI P5

I have migrated the TEI encoding of the Articles about the Archive to
TEI P5 and have published the new versions of the files
( With this
migration, the articles also now have the more recent Archive styling,
including the metadata box at the beginning of each item.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Poems in Periodicals Section Updated

I have migrated the TEI encoding of the Poems In Periodicals section
from TEI P4 to TEI P5. In addition, I have updated the HTML styling of
this section so that it is current with the most recent
decisions/policies of the Whitman Archive.

During the course of this work, I corrected a couple of typographical
errors, pointed out by Matt Cohen:

In per.00005, "After All, Not to Create Only," the typo "frangrance"
was corrected to "fragrance" and the typo "the The States" was
corrected to "The States"

These changes were rolled out on the Whitman Archive on December 3, 2014.


Monday, December 1, 2014

Review of 1881-2 Leaves of Grass added

An anonymous review of the 1881-2 Leaves of Grass published in The American Bookseller on August 1, 1882 (anc.02075) has now been added to the reviews page.  Thanks to Matt Cohen for locating and transcribing this review.

~ Nikki

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Formatting correction to Brooklyniana, Nos. 4, 7, and 8

The argument in each of these had been formatted based on Holloway's transcription. I've corrected the formatting to agree with the list structure used in the original newspaper printings.

~ Brett

Corrected typo in Complete Prose Works

On p. 379, I've corrected ". . . as Homer himself was considerations—which seem . . ." to ". . . as Homer himself was—considerations which seem . . . ."

~ Brett

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Correction to note about Academy of Music in per.00224

Archive user Sarah Gentile pointed out that our identification of the Academy of Music mentioned in Whitman's "Brooklyniana, No. 8" ( was incorrect. Previously, we identified the Academy of Music as the New York Academy of Music, but Whitman's reference is actually to the Brooklyn Academy of Music. The new annotation reflecting this information was developed by Sarah in collaboration with Whitman Archive journalism editor Jason Stacy and Ed Folsom. The annotation has been updated on the Whitman Archive.


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Correction to repository name for correspondence

The letter from Walt Whitman to the Editor of the New York Herald of 26-29 December, 1864, listed the location of the letter as "Huntingdon Public Library."  I have corrected this to "Huntington Public Library, Huntington, New York."

~ Nikki

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Completed source citation information for three letters

Three letters sent to Whitman whose transcriptions had been derived from Horace Traubel, With Walt Whitman in Camden, vol. 3 (New York: Mitchell Kennerley, 1914), were lacking the publication date in the "source" information.  I have supplied this information for the following letters:

William D. O'Connor to Walt Whitman, 13 August 1864
Alexander Gardner to Walt Whitman, 26 November 1866
James Redpath to Walt Whitman, 25 June 1860

~ Nikki

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Corrections to annotations for Drum-Taps review

Dennis Berthold suggested some improvements to the annotations for A. S. Hill's "[Review of Drum-Taps]," from the North American Review (January 1867).  I have added information about Sam Weller, the more well-known character from Dickens's The Pickwick Papers, to note 2; adjusted the note about the "Bowery Boys" to reflect the fact that they were more a general type than a political gang; and clarified that Fort Sumter, the subject of note 5, was a military outpost that was occupied by the Confederates throughout the Civil War, rather than an "outpost of Union authority," which the note had previously said.

~ Nikki

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Revision to citation information for 1882 review

The volume and page numbers listed for a review of the 1881-1882 edition of Leaves of Grass, by G. C. Macaulay, were incorrect.  The citation information for the review previously listed volume 70, page 17 of The Nineteenth Century.  I have corrected it to list volume 12, pages 903 to 918. 

~ Nikki

Monday, November 3, 2014

Archive staff page updated

Janel Cayer and I have added new and returning project participants as well as updated staff biographies to the Whitman Archive staff page.

~ Nikki

Friday, October 31, 2014

Translations updated to P5

I have updated the following Translations to TEI P5:

All Russian translations
All German translations
Portuguese translation
Spanish translation, Poemas

These items are now available in P5 on the Walt Whitman Archive, and
their display has been made consistent with other Translations

I have also updated the Vasseur available for download on the Downloads page.

Critical materials related to these documents remain in TEI P4 and
will be updated at a later stage.


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Correction made to date in letter from Mary Van Nostrand to Walt Whitman

The correspondence index listed the date for a letter from Mary Van Nostrand to Walt Whitman as March 16, 1878, while the letter itself listed March 16, 1875.  Though a date is not listed on the letter in the author's hand, the letter is dated March 16, 1878, in volume 7 of the Correspondence (Iowa City, IA: University of Iowa Press, 2004, p. 145).  I have adjusted the date accordingly. 

~ Nikki

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Corrections to notes in per.00243 and per.00245

Ken pointed out a problem with the way volume numbers were formatted in the citations in these files. I've made the correction.

~ Brett

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Three journalistic pieces added

A short article from Armory Hospital Gazette (med.00721) and two articles from Brooklyn City News (per.00243 and per.00245) have been added to the journalism page.

~ Brett

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Correction to Brooklyniana No. 18

Tim Jackson pointed out a transcription error ("an handsome" for "a handsome") in this file (per.00234.xml). I've made the correction.

~ Brett

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Post-Reconstruction correspondence added

I have published 837 new post-Reconstruction letters, as well as a new index with search options for all of the correspondence.  The post-Reconstruction letters are available on the Whitman Archive at

Many people contributed to the preparation of these materials, including Kyle Barton, Caterina Bernardini, Alicia Bones, Blake Bronson-Bartlett, Kirsten Clawson, Karin Dalziel, Anthony Dreesen, Ed Folsom, Eder Jaramillo, Courtney Lawton, Liz Lorang, Kevin McMullen, Vince Moran, Nima Najafi Kianfar, Alicia Meyer, Ken Price, Wesley Raabe, Stefan Schoeberlein, John Schwaninger, and Grace Thomas. 

~ Nikki

Friday, September 26, 2014

Revisions made to poetry manuscripts

I made the following changes to poetry manuscript transcription files:

bpl.00007 ("Eidolons"): I fixed the image links in the transcription file for bpl.00007; the links now point to the correct images.

bos.00003 ("Sail out for good for aye, O mystic yacht!"): There was a typo in the editorial note for this letter ("enveloped" should have been "envelope"). I've corrected it.

yal.00020 ("[Sands at Seventy]"): I fixed the image links in the transcription file for yal.00020; the links now point to the correct images.

hpl.00001 ("[Yet far sweeps your road]"): The text of this file was displaying outside of the gray Whitman Archive frame.  I have fixed the stylesheet so the manuscript displays properly.

~ Nikki

revision made to poetry transcription file (loc.00203)

I fixed the image links in the transcription file for loc.00203; the links now point to the correct images, and the links have been re-arranged.

- Kevin

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Civil War Journalism Added

Over the past couple of weeks I've put up about 30 of the Civil War journalism pieces, including all of _Brooklyniana_.

~ Brett

Friday, September 19, 2014

Revision to note on "[I do not expect to see myself]"

Our note on the dating of this manuscript and our more general editorial note suggested two different dates for the manuscript (1850s and 1870s).  Believing the 1870s dating more likely to be correct, I removed the commentary about the 1850s.


Monday, September 15, 2014

Updated poetry manuscript images

Some images were incorrectly associated with poetry manuscripts, including "[Behold thy hunters]," "[the idea of the necessity of]," and others. I've confirmed that these poetry manuscript transcriptions match the associated images.

~ Nikki

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Correction to 1862 letter

The letter from George Washington Whitman to Louisa Van Velsor Whitman of May 12, 1862, listed two different dates.  I've corrected all dates.

~ Nikki

Friday, August 29, 2014

"About the Archive" statement updated

I have revised the "About the Archive" statement at

This new version of the statement was drafted and approved at Whitman Camp 2014.


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Corrections to information page for The Critic

Ken spotted a few typos and spacing errors on the information page for The Critic.  They've been corrected.

~ Nikki

tweaks made to the periodcals page on The Critic

On the page devoted to The Critic, I made minor changes in several places, changing the name from simply Critic to The Critic.  I also added white space in two places where a period and the next word had run together.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"New York Dissected" added to the Archive

Liz Lorang today made available on the Whitman Archive the series "New York Dissected." The series is available here:

Many people contributed to the preparation of these materials, including Liz, Jason Stacy, Mark Neels, Gertrud Moreno, and Ed Folsom. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Added publication information to "The Good Gray Poet"

O'Connor's "The Good Gray Poet" was missing publication information. I've added it.

~ Nikki

Corrected typo in encyclopedia entry

I have corrected the spelling of the author's first name, "Phillip," in the encyclopedia entry for "Boston, Massachusetts."

~ Nikki

Correction to Civil War letter

The letter from Whitman to the editors of the New York Times of October, 1864 listed the incorrect repository. I have corrected this information and updated the transcription based on the corresponding images.

~ Nikki

Friday, June 20, 2014

Corrections to Poems in Periodicals Section

I've made a few corrections to the Poems in Periodicals section to address errors identified by Ken Price and Wendy Katz:

1. The link for the poem "The Winding-Up" was resulting in an error message because of an ambiguous rule match in the stylesheet. I fixed th is and the poem now displays.

2. I added links in the entries for two poems in the bibliography of Whitman's poems published in periodicals, "A Sketch" and "No Turning Back."


Thursday, June 12, 2014

Error changed in med.00332

Ed noticed a typographical error in The display of the bibliographical citation was incorrect because of an encoding error in the file, which I've corrected.


Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fixed typo in "A Backward Glance O'er Travel'd Roads"

I happened to notice that a period was missing, so I've supplied it.

~ Brett

Fixed typos on index pages for scribal documents and translations

I updated the language and links and fixed typos on the index pages for the scribal documents and the translations.

~ Nikki

Updated reviews index page

I updated the language on the reviews index page to reflect the number of reviews currently available on the Whitman Archive.

~ Nikki

Updated language on TokenX page

I updated the language on the TokenX index page to better reflect work in progress and updated contact information.

~ Nikki

Removed running heads from Complete Prose Works

Running heads appeared in the transcription of Complete Prose Works contents pages. I have removed these from the file.

~ Nikki

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Correspondence updates

I have published 111 new pieces of correspondence from the Reconstruction period on the Whitman Archive at

In addition, I have temporarily removed links to three letters, which did not resolve to a file for some reason. The affected WWA IDs are nyp.00199, prc.00002, and yal.00418.  I will address the issues with these as soon as possible.


Monday, May 5, 2014

Date corrected for "A Christmas Garland in Prose and Verse"

In our treatment of Whitman's published works in periodicals, we listed "A Christmas Garland in Prose and Verse" as appearing in the New York Daily Graphic on December 25, 1875. I've now corrected the date to December 25, 1874.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Error in 1867 LG corrected

Matt Cohen spotted the following error in the 1867 Leaves of Grass, p. 21:

"See, the many press—See,"

should read

 "See, the many-cylinder'd steam printing-press—See,"

I've made this correction.


Friday, April 25, 2014

Scribal documents added to Whitman Archive

I have added 10 new scribal documents to the Whitman Archive, which
had been missed during earlier publication. The new documents are:

nar.01758, A.T. Akerman to J. Brown, 2 March 1871
nar.02911, A.T. Akerman to Columbus Delano, 16 February 1871
nar.02912, A.T. Akerman to John Scott, 17 February 1871
nar.02913, A.T. Akerman to C. Cochran, Jr. Esq., 17 February 1871
nar.02914, A.T. Akerman to R.C. McCormick, 18 February 1871
nar.02915, A.T. Akerman to Lyman Trumbull, 18 February 1871
nar.02916, A.T. Akerman to John Bingham, 18 February 1871
nar.02917, A.T. Akerman to George S. Boutwell, 18 February 1871
nar.02918, A.J. Falls to H.B. Anthony, 22 February 1871
nar.03608, A.T. Akerman to William Marvin


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

typo corrected in the 1856 Leaves of Grass

Kelly Franklin spotted a typographical error in our transcription of Whitman's "Letter to Ralph Waldo Emerson." On page 357 of the 1856 Leaves of Grass, we had:

"the freewomen and freemen of Tho States,"

I have replaced "Tho" with "The."


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

New audio added to the Whitman Archive

I have just added audio files of the 52 sections of "Song of Myself" and of "Poets to Come," as read by Eric Forsythe. Forsythe's recordings were first produced for WhitmanWeb, a project of the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, under the direction of Ed Folsom and Christopher Merrill.

All recordings copyright Eric Forsythe, 2012–2013. Made available on the Whitman Archive with permission of the rights holder. Audio may be reused for non-commercial purposes, with credit to Eric Forsythe and the Walt Whitman Archive. For permissions for commercial reuse, contact Eric Forsythe.

The recordings are available via Pictures & Sound, and the "Poets to Come" recording also is available via the Translations page.


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Corrected repository listing for 1860 letter

An 7 January 1860 letter from Walt Whitman to the Editors of Harper's Magazine, previously listed as held in the private collection of Colonel Richard Gimbel, is now at the Library of Congress. I have updated the information in the file accordingly. The letter (formerly identified as prc.00002) is now identified as loc.05277.

~ Nikki

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Edits to Scribal Documents and Correspondence index pages

On the scribal documents index
(, I updated
the TEI encoding of three dates, which had erroneously been given in
an attribute value as dating to 1872. The scribal document records
updated in the index file were:

Amos T. Akerman to Henry Grebe, 2 August 1871
Amos T. Akerman to William P. Appleby, 2 or 3 August 1871
Amos T. Akerman to John H. Caldwell, 3 August 1871

In addition, I made two corrections to the correspondence index
The index listed Walt Whitman to Louisa Van Velsor Whitman, [5 January
1872] as dating only to Walt Whitman to Louisa Van Velsor Whitman,
[January 1872] and Peter Doyle to Walt Whitman, [27 September 1868] as
only Peter Doyle to Walt Whitman, [September 1868]. The dates are now
correct on the index page (they already were correct in the individual
letter files).


Thursday, March 20, 2014

All 170 letters of Louisa Van Velsor Whitman to her son Walt now added to the site

The letters of Louisa Van Velsor Whitman have been made publicly available on the Whitman Archive. In addition to 170 letters from the period 1860 to 1873, the Archive also includes Wesley Raabe's extensive introduction to Louisa's letters. The publication of these materials, which coincides with Women's History Month, is the culmination of many years of work and marks a major addition to the Whitman Archive. The letters illuminate the most important relationship in the poet's life and offer a rare glimpse into the emotional life of a working-class nineteenth-century American woman.

The letters are accessible at and Wesley's introduction is at:


Monday, March 17, 2014

Update made to correspondence index page

I have added a sentence to the correspondence index page that includes a link to the statement of editorial policy.

~ Nikki

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Display of footnotes in some correspondence corrected

Some pieces of correspondence had footnotes that ran inline with the text of the letter rather than appearing at the end of the letter (as footnotes should). I have corrected this problem.


Dana F. Wright/David F. Wright

I have corrected the name "Dana F. Wright" to "David F. Wright" in several places:

'Dana' changed to 'David' in nyp.00231 and med.00308, as well as in notes for nyp.00231, med.00308, duk.00434, and nyp.00196.

In Whitman scholarship, David Wright has typically been identified as "Dana" Wright based on Wright's signature at the end of his January 4, 1865 letter to Walt Whitman. Descendants of Wright as well as military roster and census data confirm Wright's first name as David.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Correction in yal.00010

Tim Jackson spotted a transcription error in this poetry manuscript: "worthy of the muse" should read "worthy for the muse." Now corrected.

~ Brett

Comma added to "Passage to India" and problem with EAD "Resources" resolved

Gabriel Hankins pointed out that our transcription of "Passage to India" in the 1871-1872 Leaves of Grass lacked a comma in the line "Passage, O soul to India!"  Brett Barney corrected the line to: "Passage, O soul, to India!"

Brett also resolved a stylesheet problem that was making some of our EAD files show the non-word "Resourcesaaa" instead of "Resources." The use of "Resourcesaaa" was intended as a marker placed in the files (and unintentionally left there) during a code sprint intended to rationalize our stylesheets.  This problem appeared on a number of pages including the Whitman Archive finding aid records for Brigham Young U, the British Library, Duke, Harvard, and the Pierpont Morgan Library.


Friday, January 24, 2014

corrections made to Whitman Encyclopedia entry "Richard Maurice Bucke"

I fixed the spelling of "Buck" to "Bucke" in four places; replaced "Doyal" with "Doyle"; changed "Rip Tom" to "Rip Torn"; and altered "Specimen of Days" to "Specimen Days." Other minor spelling changes were made: "lead" to "led"; "literal" to "literally"; "net" to "next"; and "executer" to "executor."

Corrections to letter from Fred Vaughan to Walt Whitman of 27 March 1860

Ed Folsom spotted a number of typos and other errors in the transcription and notes for this letter (loc.00569). Upon further investigation, I discovered that we had gotten images of the original, so I proofread the transcription against the images, corrected the notes, and added links to the images.

~ Brett

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Updates to Correspondence

On December 17, 2013, I made several updates to the Correspondence
section of the Whitman Archive. In addition to converting all Civil
War correspondence from TEI P4 to TEI P5, I made several content

1. The letter formerly identified as and.00001 is now identified as med.00658
2. The letter formerly identified as loc.00852 is now identifed as tex.00400
3. The letter formely identified as loc.00869 is now identified as tex.00404
4. The letter formely identified as med.00333 is now identified as hyb.00003
5. I made consistent all bibliographic information for Edwin Haviland
Miller, Charley Shively, and other edited volumes for Civil War
6. Added images for loc.00874, loc.00568, loc.00871, loc.00870, and loc.00851