Monday, September 24, 2012

new scribal documents posted

I have published approximately 350 new scribal documents on the site. In addition, I updated metadata for the following files, to give full names (as opposed to initials) for recipients in the TEI header: nar.01203, nar.01534, nar.01684, nar.01905, nar.01355, nar.00531, nar.01372, nar.00884, nar.01148, nar.01716, nar.01803, nar.01816, nar.00233, nar.02560, nar.01204.

Many people contributed to the editing and publication of these files, including Anthony Dreesen, Nima Kianfar, Kevin McMullen, John Schwaninger, Joshua Ware, and Ken Price.


Monday, September 17, 2012

Changes to Translations materials; updates to staff page

We have made two changes to the "Poets to Come" materials in the Translations section of the site:

Eric Athenot and Blake Bronson-Bartlett rewrote paragraphs three and four of "Whitman futur, ou l'avenir à venir: 'Poets to Come' in French Translation." The two paragraphs now refer to Bazalgette's first translation of "Poets to Come," from the first edition of his complete French translation of Leaves of Grass, instead of the translation from the second, revised edition.

I have corrected the date given for Conte's translation of "Poets to Come" in the Italian section of the "Poets to Come" materials. The index page to the Italian translations mistakenly listed Conte's translation as 1886. The date of Conte's translation was correct elsewhere within the "Poets to Come" materials.

Finally, I have updated the Staff page, to reflect changes and additions to the staff for the 2012-2013 academic year.


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Corrected error in Memoranda

In the "The Millions Dead" section of Memoranda (page 56), I inserted the word "by" into the phrase "15,000 inhumed by strangers."

- Kevin

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

An inconsistency in our transliteration of Russian has been fixed

A Russian scholar, Russell Valentino, has pointed out an inconsistency in our transliteration of Russian on this page: . To deal with this inconsistency, we have updated all occurrences of the word "Pobiegi" to "Pobegi".


Editorial Statement for Translations Updated

With the publication of the "Poets to Come" materials, I have updated the section of the Editorial Policy Statement and Procedures document relevant to translations (section D).


New Materials Added to the Translations Section of the Archive

As noted on the Whitman Archive on Friday, August 31:

With the support of the Obermann Center at the University of Iowa, we've revised and expanded the Translations section of the Archive, which now includes more than thirty versions of Whitman's "Poets to Come" in five languages, as well as original translations of "Chants Democratic 14" from the 1860 Leaves. To learn more about the "Poets to Come" project, visit the Translations page and read Ed Folsom's "Translating 'Poets to Come': An Introduction."

The addition of this new material coincides with other changes to the architecture and arrangement of the Archive. Notably, the new section, Translations, replaces the Editions Printed Outside the U.S. section, which previously included full-length translations of Whitman as well as British editions. The British editions are now available via the new Books by Whitman section of the Archive. This change is one of several to Published Works, which formerly included sections for Leaves of Grass, other books by Whitman, periodicals, and editions of Whitman published outside the United States. The revamped Published Works now includes Books by Whitman, Periodicals, and Translations. In the coming months, we will continue to work with the Books by Whitman section to improve navigation through the materials.

These new materials and the changes described above went live on August 31, 2012.

Since August 31, we've made several small changes within the "Poets to Come" section: Acute accents in Matt Cohen's translation of "Chants Democratic 14" were inadvertently rendered as grave accents; these have been fixed. In Marina Camboni's translation of "Chants Democratic 14," in the last line of the first stanza, "giustificare me" was incorrectly presented as one word, "giustificareme," and a space was missing between "chi," and "lontano" on the first line of the third stanza. Also, in Camboni's introduction to Italian translations of "Poets to Come" the phrase, "Schietta, as a qualifier of stirpe" previously spelled "stirpe" as "stripe." All of these errors have been corrected.

More than a dozen people contributed to this work (in no particular order): Marta Skwara, Marina Camboni, Caterina Bernardini, Walter Grünzweig, Vanessa Steinroetter, Eric Athenot, Matt Cohen, Blake Bronson-Bartlett, Ed Folsom, Ken Price, Nikki Gray, Rey Rocha, Janel Cayer, Nima Najafi Kianfar, Eder Jaramillo, Grace Thomas, Kyle Barton, Eric Conrad, and Janel Cayer.


typo corrected in review

I have corrected a typo in our transcription of Peter Bayne's review of Whitman, "Walt Whitman's Poems," The Contemporary Review  (December 1875): 49-69. In the first paragraph, the phrase "English public" had been mistranscribed as "English pubic." This error was brought to our attention by Archive user Marina Camboni.


Five new pieces of journalism now available

I have added five new pieces to Whitman's Journalism. The pieces include:

"Return of a Brooklyn Veteran," Brooklyn Daily Union 16 March 1865: [3].
"An Old Landmark Gone," Brooklyn Daily Eagle 9 October 1862: [2].
"What Stops the General Exchange of Prisoners of War?" Brooklyn Daily Eagle 27 December 1864: [2].
"A Brooklyn Soldier, and a Noble One," Brooklyn Daily Eagle 19 January 1865: [2].
"Brooklyniana; A Series of Local Articles, on Past and Present," Daily Standard 28 December 1861: [unknown].

A number of people, including Sarah Walker, Liz McClurg, Janel Cayer, Ed Folsom, and Eric Conrad, worked on transcription, encoding, annotating, checking, and xslt for the pieces.