Monday, March 21, 2011

date error in Whitman biography fixed

An <em>Archive</em> user pointed out an error in a date in the biography. At the beginning of the section "New Orleans Sojourn," the first sentence read, "Fortunately, on February 9, 1846, Whitman met, between acts of a performance at the Broadway Theatre in New York, J. E. McClure, who intended to launch a New Orleans paper, the Crescent , with an associate, A. H. Hayes." I have revised the date to February 9, 1848. See "Walt Whitman," "New Orleans Sojourn."


Thursday, March 10, 2011

More changes and additions to the reviews section

I have encoded and posted a short review of Whitman's "Shirval; a Tale of Jerusalem" that was brought to our attention by Adam Bradford ( Since this is the first review of one of Whitman's shorter fictional works, I have added a new category on the index page for the reviews titled "Reviews of Individual Stories."

I have also revised a review of Leaves of Grass (1855) titled "A Strange Blade," which we originally thought first appeared in the National Anti-Slavery Standard, but which was in fact first published in Punch Magazine, as Eric Conrad has discovered ( The information about the review's subsequent publication is documented in an editorial note.


New review of Drum-Taps added

I have transcribed, encoded, and uploaded a review of Drum-Taps that appeared in the New Haven Daily Palladium on November 28, 1865 ( The review was recently discovered and sent to us as a PDF by Stephanie Blalock.


Thursday, March 3, 2011

M-dash encoding error corrected in Traubel Volume 3

I have corrected a number of encoding errors in Volume 3 of With Walt Whitman in Camden (both in the individual entries and in the whole text file). The m-dash had been encoded incorrectly and was displaying as "#8212;" in the online text.