Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Correction of typo in 1860 LG

One of Ed's students pointed out that our transcription of the opening line of Calamus #42 had omitted both of the "accented e's":

"to help him become lve of mine,"

should read

"to help him become élève of mine,"

I have inserted the proper unicodes for these in the XML and uploaded.


Monday, September 29, 2008

correction of typo in Helms's essay in the criticism section

I corrected the spelling of judgment in this sentence:

"He thus enacts the centuries-old response to such cultural judgemen—he stifles his cries, harbors his feelings "silent and endless" (he hides them and protects them, hides them to protect them), and he ends the poem "taciturn and deprest" in a mood reminiscent of a Poe nightmare."


Display of figures fixed in current/selected criticism and articles about the Archive

After noticing that some figures weren't displaying in a couple of the current criticism texts as well as in articles about the Archive, I investigated the problem and believe everything is now fixed. The problem seemed to be a holdover from the switch to the Nebraska server, the redesign, and possibly some previous restructuring of directories. I also used this opportunity to clear up some duplication of images in various directories. All images for articles about the Archive should now be located in about/figures and all images for current or selected criticism should be located in criticism/current/figures.


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Rossetti and Rhys pages tweaked

I've gotten rid of all of the anchor tags in these XHTML files, since they were creating a weird effect: mouseover of *any* text caused underlining to appear, as for a link (though clicking didn't produce any results). That's gone. I've saved backups of the old files, in case they will be of use; I know work is going on to convert these to XML anyway, so the XHTML versions may be replaced altogether soon.


Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Title Added to Zoomable Image Pages

After I fixed the links to the zoomable MS images, Ken pointed out that the title in the grey bar above each one read "Untitled." I've changed that to read "Zoomable Page Image."

~ Brett

Friday, September 5, 2008

Links to LC images in tracking database

I've done a search-and-replace that fixed links to the Library of Congress manuscripts' page images.

~ Brett

Zoomify enabled for live poetry manuscripts

I've just finished transferring all of the files that allow the "zoomed" view of manuscripts (for those available in high-resolution).

~ Brett