Thursday, July 22, 2010

Indexing of gallery re-enabled

At the just-finished Whitman camp (our annual planning meeting), Travis argued compellingly for allowing search engines to index the photographs. As there were no objections, I've edited the robots.txt file to do this.

~ Brett

Typo in "After certain disastrous campaigns" manuscript (pml.00006) corrected

Matt Cohen pointed out that the editorial note misspelled "disastrous"; I have now corrected.

~ Brett

Typo fixed in correspondence; Levi Strauss & company added to support page

I noticed that the letter from Thayer & Eldridge to Whitman, 27 July 1860 had a typo: "We shall probably dispose of all the second Edition before the close of next month and we think that we had better point if cheaper for the next Edition, with a small Edition of the other style with the addition at 1.50." Liz corrected the phrase "point if cheaper" to "point it cheaper."

Liz also added Levi Strauss & Company to the list of "partners" on the support page.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Index page to Russian editions now available in Russian

Following the model employed on the index pages for the German and Spanish Editions, I have revised the Russian Editions index page ( to link to a version of the page in Russian. Lisa Renfro translated and proofread the page. In addition, both pages are now generated from XML/TEI files, transformed with XSLT, rather than from source HTML files.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

Links to social media sites now available

I have added links to the Whitman Archive's Facebook page, Twitter feed, and Blogger Changelog to the homepage. Look for the icons in the "News and Updates" section of the homepage. In addition, I've created a "Follow us" link under "About," which links to a new page that also provides access to the sites.

Ashley Lawson set up our Facebook and Twitter presence.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About the Archive information revised/updated; new News and Updates

Two pages in the About section of the Archive, the Overview and Support pages, have been updated to reflect current work and funding (Ken provided the details and revisions). In addition, the homepage now announces the availability of Complete Prose Works and Memoranda During the War.


Friday, July 2, 2010

error corrected in transcription of W. W. Thayer to Walt Whitman, 31 August 1862

I have corrected a mistranscription, pointed out by Ken, in the letter from W. W. Thayer to Walt Whitman of 31 August 1862, loc.00590. Our transcription originally read "with mind that have fed on husks," and I have corrected to "with minds that have fed on husks."

~Liz L.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Memoranda During the War added to "Other Books"

Whitman's Memoranda During the War (1876) is now available on the Archive. Memoranda joins Complete Prose Works as the second volume in the new "Other Books" section.

Thanks go to Joshua Ware, Liz McClurg, Ashley Lawson, Brett Barney, and Brian Pytlik Zillig for their assistance with the project.

~Liz L.