Friday, July 25, 2008

LC reshoot list updated - Notebook #101

I've added a fourth sheet to the spreadsheet, on which I've listed each page of this notebook, its name at the LC notebooks website, our best image, other images of the same page, and whether it needs to be reshot. Since a majority of the pages do need to be reshot, it may be best to reshoot the whole thing once carefully (so as to be able to give images with like metadata).

~ Brett

Archive IDs Added to Display of Correspondence

I've updated the correspondence xslt to display the Archive IDs.


Friday, July 18, 2008

Updated template and validator linked from WIP page

After consulting with Ken about how best to update the TEI header in the template, I've revised it and uploaded it to the private area of the site. I've also uploaded a new version of the clip library for NoteTab; it includes the revised template, validator, and common TEI element clips.

~ Brett

With WW in Camden, vol. 3 credits added

Matt Cohen sent me the text for the "credits" link and I put it up.

~ Brett

Links to past versions of the Archive

To the "About the Archive" page, under "Project and Staff Information," I've added a link to a page that offers the complete contents of two earlier states of the WWA: the "brown" site and the "blue bulge" site—both in their last incarnations.

At camp a few years ago, we decided to make the brown version available but to password protect it so that search engines wouldn't index it (and send users to outdated content). This time around, Zach suggested that we should not password protect the archived versions but instead add to the "robots.txt" file instructions for the spiders not to crawl them. So that's what we've done.

~ Brett

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finding Aids / Johns Hopkins

Processed images requested (April 2008) and received from Johns Hopkins University in the database, warehouse, and figures folders (jhu.00001).

Updated EAD file with live links.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cropped views of periodical printings new available

The cropped views of poems published in periodicals are now available. (If Whitman's poem is the only item on a page, then there is no cropped view provided.) In addition, the links to both page images and cropped views now use thumbnail image files. In the past, these links were small versions of the full-size images dynamically created in the browser. The smaller file size of the thumbnails should make these pages load faster.