Monday, February 18, 2019

Date metadata corrected in letter of 29 October 1873

Ken noticed that the letter from Whitman to Charles W. Eldridge of 29 October 1873 was appearing out of chronological order on the index page. I have corrected the date value in the TEI header and reindexed the correspondence.  The letter now appears in its proper position in the chronological sort.

~ Brett

Footnote added to letter of 11 May 1863

Archive user Walter Stahr contacted us with information about his ancestor, Thomas Cotrel, who is mentioned in a letter from Whitman to Moses Lane dated 11 May 1863. I have added this information in a footnote.

~ Brett

Monday, February 4, 2019

New Aurora editorials published

We have published 19 additional newspaper editorials likely written by Whitman for the New York Aurora. To date, we have now published 76 Aurora editorials.

The new pieces published were:

- Kevin

Corrected typo in v. 3 of With Walt Whitman in Camden

I happened to notice, while reading the entry for Wednesday, November 14, 1888, that the word "the" was missing from our transcription of the sentence "This is the very centre, circumference, umbillicus, of my whole career." I have supplied the missing word (in both the whole-volume and dated-entry transcriptions).

~ Brett

Footnote added to anc.00175 (LG 1855 review)

User Kelly Scott Franklin pointed out a typo in this review, and upon investigation I discovered that the problem was in the original rather than in our transcription. After discussing the long-standing ambiguity in our presentation of <sic> (i.e., that users cannot be sure, in materials for which we present no page images, whether typos are in the original or in our transcription) Ken, Kevin and I decided we should include a footnote. This accords with the protocol that we follow for journalism transcriptions. I have now added the note for the review that (re-)raised this issue.

~ Brett