Thursday, February 20, 2014

Display of footnotes in some correspondence corrected

Some pieces of correspondence had footnotes that ran inline with the text of the letter rather than appearing at the end of the letter (as footnotes should). I have corrected this problem.


Dana F. Wright/David F. Wright

I have corrected the name "Dana F. Wright" to "David F. Wright" in several places:

'Dana' changed to 'David' in nyp.00231 and med.00308, as well as in notes for nyp.00231, med.00308, duk.00434, and nyp.00196.

In Whitman scholarship, David Wright has typically been identified as "Dana" Wright based on Wright's signature at the end of his January 4, 1865 letter to Walt Whitman. Descendants of Wright as well as military roster and census data confirm Wright's first name as David.


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Correction in yal.00010

Tim Jackson spotted a transcription error in this poetry manuscript: "worthy of the muse" should read "worthy for the muse." Now corrected.

~ Brett

Comma added to "Passage to India" and problem with EAD "Resources" resolved

Gabriel Hankins pointed out that our transcription of "Passage to India" in the 1871-1872 Leaves of Grass lacked a comma in the line "Passage, O soul to India!"  Brett Barney corrected the line to: "Passage, O soul, to India!"

Brett also resolved a stylesheet problem that was making some of our EAD files show the non-word "Resourcesaaa" instead of "Resources." The use of "Resourcesaaa" was intended as a marker placed in the files (and unintentionally left there) during a code sprint intended to rationalize our stylesheets.  This problem appeared on a number of pages including the Whitman Archive finding aid records for Brigham Young U, the British Library, Duke, Harvard, and the Pierpont Morgan Library.