Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Updated language for crediting of correspondence annotations

 In order to more accurately reflect how annotations are written and adapted for the correspondence, we have updated the language that appears in the metadata at the top of certain transcription files. For letters in which we have incorporated and adapted annotations that appeared in other sources, we now say:

Notes for this letter were created by Whitman Archive staff and/or were derived from Dear Brother Walt: The Letters of Thomas Jefferson Whitman, ed. Dennis Berthold and Kenneth M. Price (Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 1984), and supplemented or updated by Whitman Archive staff.

The citation changes, of course, depending on the source.

- Kevin

Typo corrected in installment of "Manly Health"

 Stefan Schoeberlein noticed that there was a typo in the October 10, 1858, installment of "Manly Health and Training." A section of the text should read "the Esseans, a sect of Jews, are said to have very commonly..." but on our site read "the Esseans, a sect of Jews, are to said to have very commonly..." I have corrected the error. Thanks to Stefan for pointing out the error.

- Kevin

Friday, September 22, 2023

Corrected year in "Notes on Whitman's Photographers"

 In the entry for Jeremiah Gurney and Son in our "Notes on Whitman's Photographer's," we stated that Gurney's gallery on Broadway in New York opened in 1858, when it actually opened in 1857. We have corrected the error. Thanks to Samantha Gilmore for noting the error.

- Kevin