Wednesday, March 20, 2013

change made to Texas EAD

I have updated the Texas EAD to indicate that the letter on the verso
of tex.00045 is not in Whitman's hand, which we previously indicated
that it was.

Correction to Ellen M. O'Connor letter to Whitman, 21 November 1863

I noticed a typo ("Now" for "No") while consulting this letter, so I've corrected it.

~ Brett

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Correction to transcription, Fred Vaughan to Walt Whitman, 27 March 1860

Ed Folsom pointed out a transcription error in the letter from Fred
Vaughan to Walt Whitman, 27 March 1860
The phrase "It appeared to me to be strained" had been incorrectly
transcribed as "I appeared to me to be strained." I have fixed this


Monday, March 4, 2013

Typo corrected in scribal document nar.01941

The sentence which begins, "Whether, when the bond in given by the State" has been changed to "Whether, when the bond is given by the State."


Stand alone page added for audio recordings

I have created a stand alone page for the audio recording of "America." Previously, the audio link on the homepage directed users to the index page for all multimedia materials ( The Audio link on the homepage now takes users to a page dedicated to audio recordings. The url for the new audio page is as follows: The Pictures & Sound link remains the same, and takes users to the index page for both images and audio recordings. The Portraits of Whitman link still directs users to the image gallery.