Thursday, December 22, 2011

Staff page updated

Robert Gross has moved from the College of William & Mary to the University of Connecticut, so I have changed the staff page accordingly.


Scribal documents now available and other changes

The first installment of 800 previously unidentified government documents in Whitman's handwriting is now available on the Whitman Archive. In 2012, we will add more than 2,200 additional documents to this section of the Archive.

Along with the release of the scribal documents we have made a number of other changes to the Archive between December 21 and December 22, 2011:
  • The section of the Archive previously titled "Manuscripts" is now titled "In Whitman's Hand." This section includes Whitman's poetry manuscripts, scribal documents, and notebooks. We have moved the Integrated Guide to Whitman's poetry manuscripts and finding aids to Whitman's manuscripts at individual repositories to the Resources section of the site.
  • The section of the Archive previously titled "Biography & Correspondence" is now titled "Life & Letters."
  • The section of the Archive previously titled "Criticism" is now titled "Commentary."
  • We have made changes to the site-wide xslt files that generate headers and footers for the pages to account for these revised section names and to make the navigation consistent throughout the site.
  • We have modified a site-wide javascript file that generates the navigational breadcrumbs in order to take into account the revised section names and to make the navigation consistent.
  • We have updated the Archive's Editorial Policy statement to include the scribal documents. We also corrected a typographical error in the editorial policy statement, fixing "eXtenxible" to "eXtensible."
  • We have posted an updated version of the Spanish-language edition of Whitman's poetry, Álvaro Armando Vasseur's Poemas. The updated version is available both as an HTML rendering of our TEI-encoded XML and as an XML download. In 2012, we will migrate the encoding of the Vasseur text from the P4 TEI encoding standard to P5. At the time that we make the P5 version of the text available, we will also correct known issues in the HTML display of the text.
  • We have fixed a broken links with our breadcrumbs navigation in the Civil War Correspondence and With Walt Whitman in Camden sections of the site.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Typo corrected in encyclopedia entry

Archive user Andrew Rosa pointed out a typographical error in the encyclopedia entry for "Leaves of Grass, 1855 Edition," which I have fixed. In the bibliography section, the citation for Ed Folsom's article, "What We're Still Learning about the 1855 Leaves of Grass 150 Years Later," previously read "What We're Still Leaning about the 1855 Leaves of Grass 150 Years Later."