Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Links to reviews sub-indexes fixed

Links to the reviews sub-indexes by volume (in were returning 404 errors. I compared the criticism sitemap on the server with my local copy and discovered that the section for handling the sub-indexes had been trimmed pretty drastically. I copied that section from my local sitemap file into the one from the server and re-uploaded. The links now work. The differences between the two sitemap files were much more extensive, but I decided not to simply restore the older file without knowing who made the changes and why.

~ Brett

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Links in With Walt Whitman in Camden corrected

Liz pointed out that links to the WWWiC texts were making calls to the test server (libr). I made three changes to the traubel xslt stylesheets, substituting relative paths to local files on kosmos for the absolute references to files on libr. Specifically, the changed references are to the "figures" directory and the linkstyle.css stylesheet.

~ Brett

Friday, December 12, 2008

WWA People Page Update

On December 12, I made the following changes to the WWA People page:
Photos and bios were added for
Erica Fretwell
Beverley Rilett
Joshua Ware
(Janel Cayer will be added, as will Ted Genoways and Blake Bronson-Bartlett.)
These staff members were moved to the contributors section:
Zach Bajaber (web design and programming) 2004-2008
Wesley Raabe (developed a prototype web site and information architecture for the Civil War Washington project) 2007-2008
Changes were made to several bios and photos of existing WWA staff  who provided updates.
-Bev Rilett

Monday, December 8, 2008

"Beat! Beat! Drums!" image added 12/1

On December 1, I uploaded the full-page and cropped images of "Beat! Beat! Drums!" to the periodicals part of the site. Thanks to Sarah for scanning the pages of Harper's Weekly and Janel for merging the scans.

Images from the New York Aurora will be coming soon (following server switch).