Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Citation added to "Articles and Interviews" section

An essay written by Ken Price, which was removed from our "Articles and Interviews About the Archive" page in August due to a misunderstanding with a publisher, has been added back to that page, the issue having been resolved. The essay is entitled "The Walt Whitman Archive and the Prospects for Social Editing."

- Kevin

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Updated reviews index, added new reviews

I have updated the reviews index page so that a complete list of reviews is now available and all reviews are searchable.  We have also published two new reviews: an anonymous review of the 1860-61 edition of Leaves of Grass published in the New York Herald on July 15, 1860, and an anonymous review  of the poem “A Child’s Reminiscence” published in the Sunday Times on December 25, 1859. 

~ Nikki

correction to transcription of Memoranda During the War

 I noticed that the word “in” was missing from our transcription on page 24 of Memoranda: "narrates to me the fights, the marches, the strange, quick changes of that eventful campaign, and gives glimpses of many things untold any official reports or books or journals." With thanks to Brett, the missing word has now been inserted between "untold" and "any."

Friday, September 23, 2016

Date corrected in Chronology

Mario Corona pointed out a dating problem in the Whitman Chronology.  Thus, I have changed 1836 to 1835 in this entry: "Works as a printer in New York but is unemployed after a great fire in printing district, 12 August 1835."