Thursday, July 30, 2015

Transcription corrected in Published Works section

I have made three corrections to transcriptions in the Published Works section of the site:

1. In the 1881-1882 edition (, I corrected the capitalization of ñ to Ñ, where necessary.
2. In the 1856 edition (, I corrected the mis-transcription "enemies'lands" to "enemies' lands"
3. In "A Death Sonnet for Custer" in the Poems in Periodicals section,, I corrected the singular "Cañon" to "Cañons" in the editorial footnote to the poem.

Brett Barney pointed out these errors.


Elizabeth Lorang, Ph.D.
Digital Humanities Projects Librarian
Center for Digital Research in the Humanities
University of Nebraska-Lincoln | |

Additional Correspondence Published

I have published 376 new letters from the Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction eras.  I have also added status bars to display our publication progress for each era of correspondence.

~ Nikki

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fixed British editions

I inadvertently pushed through a change to the live site that "broke"
the Rossetti (
and Rhys (
editions, and they were down for about a week, until an Archive user
pointed out that they weren't working. I fixed the issue, and the
British editions were again live as of July 15.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Updated rights language

I have updated the rights language in the TEI/XML of all items in the
following sections:

1. Published Works --> Books by Whitman --> U.S. Editions of Leaves of Grass
2. Published Works --> Periodicals --> Whitman's Poems in Periodicals
3. Published Works --> Periodicals --> Journalism

At present, this change is visible only in the TEI/XML made available
from each page. At a later stage, we will likely expose the rights
language in the HTML view.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Updated correspondence metadata, index

I have updated the metadata structure for the correspondence to be consistent with the most recent Archive styling, including options to view XML and cite the page.  I have also added status bars to the index pages for each era of the correspondence, so it is apparent how many letters we have published out of the total number of known letters in a given era, and I have updated the descriptions in the correspondence sections to reflect our most recent estimates of the total number of letters from each era and our recent NHPRC-funded work on the post-Reconstruction letters.

~ Nikki