Monday, February 27, 2017

Two corrections to lineation in 1855 edition of Leaves

User Gregory Murray pointed out that the TEI transcription had two superfluous <l> tags (on pages 16 and 82); these created erroneous line breaks. I have removed them.

~ Brett

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Small corrections to 1871–1872 and 1891–1892 editions of Leaves of Grass

I noticed several transcription errors in two editions of  Leaves of Grass: Smallcaps had been neglected in the first words of the poems of the 1871–1872 edition and in "RISE O DAYS FROM YOUR FATHOMLESS DEEPS" in the main table of contents of the 1891–1892 edition; page breaks for the title pages of "Sands at Seventy" and "A Backward Glance" were placed in such a way that they were not showing up in the display; and "Yonnondio" had been omitted from the transcription of the "Sands at Seventy" table of contents. Said corrected all of these.

~ Brett

Corrected information in "Letters from Paumanok" annotation

User Drew Fetherston pointed out that our first note to the 27 June 1851 installment of "Letters from Paumanok" erroneously confounded porgies and mossbunkers/menhaden. Jason Stacy rewrote the note, crediting Fetherston.

~ Brett

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Fixed typo in short fiction

Ed pointed out a typo in Whitman's story "The Fireman's Dream." The phrase "involuntary explamations of horror" should have been "involuntary exclamations of horror."  I have fixed the error.

~ Nikki

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Removed broken syllabus link

The link to the syllabus "Selected American Authors: Emily Dickinson & Walt Whitman" was no longer working and the syllabus for that course is no longer publicly available, so I took it off the "Teaching Resources" page.

~ Nikki