Thursday, July 23, 2009

link to Integrated Guide added to poetry manuscripts index page

Following discussion at Camp and in consultation with Ken, I've added a link to the Integrated Guide from the Poetry Manuscripts index page,

The purpose of the addition is to cue users to the fact that even if we have not transcribed a poetry manuscript, images of the manuscript are most likely available via the Integrated Guide.


Monday, July 20, 2009

revisions to Criticism Bibliography

Following discussions at Camp, two changes have been made to the Bibliography of Criticism:

1. Luke Hollis checked every entry in the bibliography database to make sure the annotation field included the year of publication. Every entry should now include this information in the annotation field, which means it should subsequently show up in the results display. Following Luke's correcting of the database entries, I removed the display of the bracketed years at the ends of entries in the results display. The bracketed years were intended as a temporary fix to the problem, and with the years now displaying in every citation, they are no longer necessary. In the event that we want or need to reinstate the bracketed years in the future, I have saved the old php file, which formats the appearance of search results, here: /data/public/whitmanarchive/php/bibliography/bibliography_old_july07.php

2. I revised the bibliography index page,, so that the lines in the paragraphs explaining the search do not wrap prematurely; the premature line wrapping had been preventing the "search" and "reset" buttons from being visible without scrolling, which was causing problems for some users of the Archive.