Thursday, February 6, 2014

Comma added to "Passage to India" and problem with EAD "Resources" resolved

Gabriel Hankins pointed out that our transcription of "Passage to India" in the 1871-1872 Leaves of Grass lacked a comma in the line "Passage, O soul to India!"  Brett Barney corrected the line to: "Passage, O soul, to India!"

Brett also resolved a stylesheet problem that was making some of our EAD files show the non-word "Resourcesaaa" instead of "Resources." The use of "Resourcesaaa" was intended as a marker placed in the files (and unintentionally left there) during a code sprint intended to rationalize our stylesheets.  This problem appeared on a number of pages including the Whitman Archive finding aid records for Brigham Young U, the British Library, Duke, Harvard, and the Pierpont Morgan Library.


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