Monday, September 24, 2012

new scribal documents posted

I have published approximately 350 new scribal documents on the site. In addition, I updated metadata for the following files, to give full names (as opposed to initials) for recipients in the TEI header: nar.01203, nar.01534, nar.01684, nar.01905, nar.01355, nar.00531, nar.01372, nar.00884, nar.01148, nar.01716, nar.01803, nar.01816, nar.00233, nar.02560, nar.01204.

Many people contributed to the editing and publication of these files, including Anthony Dreesen, Nima Kianfar, Kevin McMullen, John Schwaninger, Joshua Ware, and Ken Price.


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