Friday, April 25, 2014

Scribal documents added to Whitman Archive

I have added 10 new scribal documents to the Whitman Archive, which
had been missed during earlier publication. The new documents are:

nar.01758, A.T. Akerman to J. Brown, 2 March 1871
nar.02911, A.T. Akerman to Columbus Delano, 16 February 1871
nar.02912, A.T. Akerman to John Scott, 17 February 1871
nar.02913, A.T. Akerman to C. Cochran, Jr. Esq., 17 February 1871
nar.02914, A.T. Akerman to R.C. McCormick, 18 February 1871
nar.02915, A.T. Akerman to Lyman Trumbull, 18 February 1871
nar.02916, A.T. Akerman to John Bingham, 18 February 1871
nar.02917, A.T. Akerman to George S. Boutwell, 18 February 1871
nar.02918, A.J. Falls to H.B. Anthony, 22 February 1871
nar.03608, A.T. Akerman to William Marvin


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