Monday, June 2, 2008

need to tweak the header on correspondence


I just sent a copy of the scans and xml file of the Ellen Eyre letter to Ted Genoways.  In looking at the xml file, I noticed problems with the header.  

---  the copyright date should be 2008

--- the editor should be Ted Genoways (not Berthold and Price)

---the address for the distributor should be CDRH at Nebraska not IATH at Virginia

--the source desc should indicate if the transcription is done from microfilm copy or from a digital image of the ms (right?)

After sending the copy to Ted (and copying Liz and Katie on the message), Katie pointed out that the transcription I sent wasn't the most current one.  Apparently a new transcription has been made, though I doubt that the header has been fixed.  Maybe the "change"---since this is a changelog---that is most needed is to get the most up-to-date versions of files uploaded from the archive computer to the server so that we can assess whether we have systemic problems with the header on the correspondence files or not.



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