Tuesday, May 20, 2008

starting Walt's outgoing correspondence


We can pursue these matters after the ALA meeting.  Nonetheless I wanted you to know that I talked to Ted today about the NHPRC grant and its implications.  The main thing we need to do, of course, is to get rolling on the war-time correspondence written by Walt.  As you know, we want to be able to meet project objectives so that we stand a good chance of getting a renewal.

We can talk about procedure and policy more, but the working idea is to start with a simple transcription of what is in Ed Miller's volumes of correspondence from the war years.  WW's words are in the public domain and we can use them.  Vanessa could be put on this (that seems esp. fitting since she wants to do a dissertation on Civil War era lit).  And we could put Alyssa on to some part of the task too---also on transcription or checking, etc.  Let's talk in person about the options we have for generating the text.

best, Ken

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