Thursday, May 8, 2008

"Debris" changes and index page for 1860


Thanks for making the changes to "Debris." They look good. The one thing that I think still needs to be tweaked is the index page for the "etext of individual poems and clusters" view of the 1860 Leaves. The individual titles of the "Debris" aren't displaying, though the individual titles of the other clusters in the book are. Does that index page need to be manually edited? I would have thought that changing encoding would have made the titles appear.



I've just finished making changes related to Debris in the 1860 and 1867 editions. I've put a fairly extensive though not absolutely detailed note up on the new changelog blog. Besides what's there, here are a couple of things for you to consider:

- In naming the new Works, I've followed what seemed to be the model of similar things already present in the WorkIDs file. Namely, I've generally used first lines up to but not including the first comma, semicolon, or em-dash; I have not added capitalization; I have not used brackets. Three poems are worth particular attention in this regard:
"One sweeps by, attended by an immense train"
"One sweeps by, old, with black eyes, and profuse white hair"
[I used the whole first lines in these cases, to disambiguate]
[I used just this, even though a one-word title based on the first line seemed iffy. It is unambiguous among the Works, though, and given all of the commas in the line I'm not sure what the alternative would be.]

- The 1860 poems "Despairing cries float ceaselessly toward me" and "I understand your anguish" were both eventually folded into "Yet, Yet, Ye Downcast Hours" (as stanzas 2 and 3, respectively). I have not created a new Work ID for either of these, believing that to be consistent with decisions we made before. I'm not completely confident about my recollection on this point, though, so if you think otherwise let me know.


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