Monday, June 9, 2008

Two reviews added

Vanessa passed the XML transcriptions of two reviews on to me about a month ago, and I've just now validated, uploaded, and created links from the appropriate index pages to them. The first is a review of the 1881-82 LG and appeared in the San Francisco Evening Bulletin. The second is a review of the 1886 printing of Poems by Walt Whitman and appeared in the Leeds Mercury.

~ Brett


whitmanarchive said...


Thanks for adding these. In the SF Evening Bulletin review, the third parag starts like this:

>Now, it is undeniable that a few of our upper poets have recognized this as the true voice of a seer in the wilderness. It is equally undeniable that this outlandish soul has conceived many large imaginings, and has outlined them frequently in fitting words. No one can fail to see that this tramp has all the faculties and powers necessary for honorable travel through any realm of earth and air. His epithets and describing words are often admirable. His poetic vision is sometimes clear enough to bring new stars of thought "to swim within the ken." He suggests no living or dead man except Ossian, and him he imitates with a loud voice. Some bits of lofty expression seem to be Ossianic echoes, but there the resemblance ends. Ossian never fell into .

Is a word seems to be missing after "into"? or is this mistake in the original?

Parag 4 includes this sentence:
>There is nothing so personal that is may be kept sacred, or, at least, invisible.
Is this as in the original?

Also in parag 4:
>The corruption exposed in this book would "infect to the the North Star."

When someone has a chance to correct these files could you let me know. We could then have Sabrina take a stab at developing notes for them. But I don't want to prompt her now for fear of starting version control problems.


whitmanarchive said...


All I can tell you is that the problems that you're seeing are present in the TEI file as I received it from Vanessa. I had assumed this was vetted before it came to me, since her message to me was simply this: "Here are the two xml-files with the reviews from the San Francisco Bulletin and the Leeds Mercury. I'm just forwarding them to you so you can put them up on the website."

I'm probably not the best person to check these against the copytext(s), since I don't have ready access to them.


whitmanarchive said...

Hi Brett and Ken,

I apologize for any mistakes in the transcriptions of two new reviews, and I wish I could fix them as soon as possible. Perhaps Sabrina could check the passages in question and correct them? There should be a folder in my drawer at the Archive office that contains the new reviews that have been found since the publication of the special WWQR double issue. An electronic copy of the San Francisco Chronicle review also exists as a file within the folder labeled "Vanessa" on the computer by the scanner. It is in a subfolder titled "Newest Reviews" or "Reviews Found Since WWQR Issue" or something like that.

I just came back from a 10-week trip without internet access, which is why I haven't been able to keep in touch about Archive-related problems. But from now until my return on June 29 I will have access to a computer and the internet.

Again, sorry for causing problems with the transcriptions I sent to Brett.

Best wishes from Germany,

whitmanarchive said...

Brett, Vanessa, Sabrina,

Ok, thanks for the responses. Sabrina, could you look over the email string below, fix the typos (or verify that they aren't typos), and resend the file to Brett for uploading?