Thursday, November 1, 2018

Eight file names changed to resolve duplication across Archive

In comparing all of the XML files across the different subsections of the Archive, I discovered that eight file names had apparently been accidentally assigned to two different objects, both of which were present in one of the Archive directories but only one of which had been recorded in the tracking database. In most cases I have therefore renamed one of each pair of files, recorded new file names in the database, and corrected links to each of the files. In the case of biography/correspondence/tei/nyp.00250.xml, I discovered that the file was a duplicate of the file in manuscripts/tei/nyp.00250.xml, so I deleted the one in correspondence, as the item is not a piece of correspondence. These are the other specific changes: biography/correspondence/tei/loc.00151.xml was renamed loc.04348; biography/correspondence/tei/anc.00171.xml was renamed anc.00118.xml; criticism/interviews/tei/med.00851.xml was renamed med.00015.xml; criticism/interviews/tei/med.00546.xml was renamed med.00016.xml; criticism/reviews/tei/anc.00273 was renamed anc.00146.xml; published/foreign/tei/med.00401.xml was renamed med.00017.xml; about/tei/anc.00140.xml was renamed anc.00145.xml.

~ Brett

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