Tuesday, November 7, 2017

EAD entry for loc.00026 updated

The EAD entry for an 1862 notebook has been updated to reflect a new discovery. Item loc.00026 had previously been described as being connected to a Whitman-authored journalistic piece based solely on the reference to a German beer garden that Whitman mentions. As the Archive did not have access to the journalistic piece in question, this assertion was made based on a description of the piece found in Edgar Lee Masters' book, Whitman, where Masters mentions that the article contains a "long paragraph on Lindmuller's dance hall" ([New York: Biblo and Tannen, 1968], 118). However, the Whitman Archive recently received images of the journalism piece in question—the seventh installment of Whitman's "City Photographs" series—and upon transcribing and encoding the article found that two pages of the 1862 notebook were actually drafts of a portion of the article (the section titled "Lindmuller's"). The EAD entry for loc.00026 has been changed to reflect this. The transcription of the "City Photographs" piece is awaiting further proofing and is not yet live on the site.

- Kevin

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