Monday, April 17, 2017

Publication of early notebooks, prose manuscripts

I have published new index pages for the notebooks and manuscripts sections of the Whitman Archive.  The new pages are searchable and sortable and offer access to thirteen early notebooks and 118 prose manuscripts, as well as updated versions of the poetry manuscripts and Civil War notebooks previously available on the Whitman Archive.  Thanks to the National Endowment for the Humanities for support of this work, which was completed as part of the project "Walt Whitman as an Author before Leaves of Grass."  This work was a team effort, with important contributions from Brett Barney, Stephanie Blalock, Janel Cayer, Jonathan Cheng, Kirsten Clawson, Eric Conrad, Karin Dalziel, Sara Duke, Jessica Dussault, Ed Folsom, Nikki Gray, Kirby Little, Liz Lorang, Kevin McMullen, Natalie O'Neal, Ken Price, Stefan Sch√∂berlein, and Jeannette Schollaert.

~ Nikki

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