Monday, October 31, 2016

Updated notes and work relations information for notebooks

I updated the editorial notes for three notebooks: "med Cophósis" (loc.00005), "a schoolmaster" (loc.04588), and "Talbot Wilson" (loc.00141). These updates clarified why we classified the item as a notebook, in the case of "med Cophósis;" the relationship of the notebook to a published piece of fiction, in the case of "a schoolmaster;" and the dating of the notebook, in the case of "Talbot Wilson."  I also revised work relations information in the XML files for three notebooks (adding more specific indications of which lines connect to published lines of poetry and prose): "In his presence" (loc.00483), "The regular old followers" (loc.00024), and "Talbot Wilson" (loc.00141).

~ Nikki

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