Friday, June 24, 2016

17 Encyclopedia Entries Published

During our hacking session at the Whitman Camp that just ended, Kevin, Ken, and I proofread, corrected, and published the following entries from LeMaster and Kummings's Walt Whitman: An Encyclopedia: Actors and Actresses, Whitman in Africa, "After the Supper and Talk" (1887), Age and Aging, "Ages and Ages Returning at Intervals" (1860), "America [Centre of equal daughters...]" (1888), American Adam, American Character, American Phrenological Journal, An American Primer (1904), The American Revolution, "America's Mightiest Inheritance" (1856), Architects and Architecture, "Are You the New Person Drawn toward Me?" (1860), "An Army Corps on the March" (1865-1866), Art and Daguerreotype Galleries, "The Artilleryman's Vision" (1865).

~ Brett

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