Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Contemporary Reviews Section Updated

I have updated the Contemporary Reviews section of the Whitman
Archive. All reviews are new encoded in TEI P5, and I have enriched
their metadata to reflect the transcription and encoding histories of
individual files, source information, and rights. In addition,
material in the Reviews section now reflects the Whitman Archive's
evolving approach in metadata display, as well as information on how
to a cite an individual review and a link to the underlying XML/TEI of
each review.

In a subsequent stage of revision, the index pages providing access to
reviews of specific volumes and poems (e.g.,
http://whitmanarchive.org/criticism/reviews/a_child/index.html) will
be updated. For a short period of time, bibliographic information on
the index pages may differ slightly from information displayed with
each individual review. Information displayed with each review is the
most complete and correct information.


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