Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Published eight additional letters

I published one additional Civil War letter, from Martha Whitman to Walt Whitman of 21-23 December, 1863, and seven additional letters from the post-Reconstruction period, which include:

Whitelaw Reid to Walt Whitman, 17 July [1878]
Hannah Whitman Heyde to Walt Whitman, 2 January [1879]
James R. Osgood & Company to Walt Whitman, 20 March 1882
W. J. Forbes to Walt Whitman, [1880]
A. Williams to Walt Whitman, [1880]
Alfred Janson Bloor to Walt Whitman, 22 and 25 May 1882
Walt Whitman to Unidentified Correspondent, [between June and September 1880]

~ Nikki

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