Thursday, January 31, 2013

Revised translations index page

Per Ed Folsom's suggestion, I have added a brief description about the WhitmanWeb to the translations index page. The page now includes the following section on the International Writing Project's translations of "Song of Myself":

"Song of Myself"

The International Writing Project at the University of Iowa, in cooperation with the Whitman Archive and supported by a grant from the United States Department of State, has created the WhitmanWeb, a site devoted to translations of Whitman's 1881 version of "Song of Myself" in multiple languages (currently including Persian, Russian, Ukrainian, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese). A new section of the poem, with commentary by Ed Folsom and Christopher Merrill and with a recording in English by Eric Forsythe and a recording in Persian by Sholeh Wolpe, is being posted each week, starting in the fall of 2012 and continuing through the fall of 2013 until all 52 sections appear. This site features the first full translation of "Song of Myself" into Persian. The WhitmanWeb may be accessed here


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