Friday, June 22, 2012

New Critical Texts Added; Page Images for Leaves of Grass Imprints Available

PDFs of 19 books from the University of Iowa Press Whitman series are now available on a slightly revamped Selected Criticism page: (several of the works are available as both PDF and HTML). In addition to these new book-length studies, also now available is an essay by Ken Price, "Love, War, and Revision in Whitman's Blue Book." To accommodate these additions, the introductory text of the page has been slightly revised. In addition, the underlying page code is now a TEI file dynamically transformed to HTML.

Yesterday (June 21, 2012), we added page images of Leaves of Grass Imprints, accessible via the U.S. Editions of Leaves of Grass page,, or directly here: Introductory text to Leaves of Grass Imprints is forthcoming.

Finally, the "About" text linked from the Blue Book entry of U. S. Editions of Leaves of Grass page now points to Price's "Love, War, and Revision in Whitman's Blue Book." (Previously, this link pointed to an entry from the Walt Whitman Encyclopedia. That entry is still accessible here:


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