Tuesday, June 23, 2009

selected articles from WWQR now linked from Bibliography

Selected articles from WWQR are now available as PDFs, linked from the Bibliography of Criticism. At present, we are able to link to articles from the Summer 06, Winter/Spring 06-07, Summer 07, Fall 07, Winter 07, and Winter 2008 issues. If a user performs a search that returns an item from WWQR from this issue range, the citation will be followed by a link that reads "Full text available," as in the following example.

Walkiewicz, Kathryn. "Portraits and Politics: the Specter of Osceola in Leaves of Grass." Walt Whitman Quarterly Review 25 (Winter 2008), 108-115. [Examines Whitman's "Osceola" and discovers the poem is a result of the poet's "piecing and pasting" his lines out of bits of George Catlin's description of Osceola and Catlin's recording of Dr. Frederick Weedon's account of Osceola's final days; argues that Osceola "remains merely symbolic for Whitman--a text to read and interpret."] [2008] Full text available.

Clicking "Full text available" will open a PDF of the article in the browser.

We will continue to add links to articles as we are able to create PDFs. We may also revise how the PDF opens (whether it should open in the browser or as a download).


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