Monday, April 27, 2009

More updates to Periodicals

1. In the bibliography of poems published in periodicals, the entry "No Turning Back." Sunday Times 14 August 1842: [1] used to link to the wrong item. I've fixed the link.

2. I've revised the language in notes for "Our Future Lot" and "Time To Come," so that they provide more information about the ambiguous dating of what is believed to be the poem's first appearance in the Long-Islander. I've also revised the language in the headnotes for the Aurora and the Long-Islander as well as in the bibliography accordingly.

3. I've provided additional bibliographic information in editorial notes that reference the Comprehensive Reader's Edition of Leaves of Grass and volumes of correspondence. Rather than simply referring to the "Reader's Edition," for example, the notes now include full bibliographic information, where appropriate. See:

Since we are able to--and do--link directly to volumes of With Walt Whitman in Camden from notes in the periodicals section, I have not provided full citations in those cases.


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