Friday, October 31, 2008

Corrections to reviews xml and html files

I believe I have addressed the problem with italics in the review tei files. A majority of untitled reviews for which we derived an Archive title, such as [Review of Leaves of Grass (1881-1882)], did not include <hi rend="italic"> around book titles (this was not just an LG issue, as was previously thought) in either <titleStmt><title> or <head>. In the display of the reviews, the content of <head> appears at the beginning of the document, and the publication information following the review pulls information from the content of <title> in <titleStmt>. I have revised the tei files, and italics should now be displaying in both places. Something to think about: <hi rend="italic"> is allowed in <title>, but for some reason it seems a little strange to me, and without more investigation I'm not sure how common its use is in <title> across other Archive files. This may be an issue to revisit as we develop plans for migrating to p5, since it could be one of those places where we can achieve an even finer level of consistency.

I fixed a broken link in the publication information of anc.00189,

I also updated <title> on several html pages because the titles, which appear in Google/other search engine results and at the top of the browser, were incorrect.


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