Monday, April 28, 2008

Debris in 1860 and 1867 editions of Leaves

I've revised the XML of the 1860 and 1867 editions of Leaves of Grass to reflect the editorial decision that "Debris" is a cluster of untitled poems rather than a single poem. Besides changing <lg1 type="poem">Debris</lg1> to <lg1 type="cluster">Debris</lg1> and putting <lg2 type="poem"> tags around the individual poems, I've also added <relations> to each poem. In this process, nine new work IDs were created for poems not present in the deathbed and "Debris (Poem)" was removed as a Work.


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Anonymous said...

Well, it seems the changelog is already working, as this change will have implications for the UVA Finding Aid and the Integrated Guide. There's an MS out there that's using that Work ID you just took away Brett! Ha. So, I'll be sure to get that revised tomorrow.