Thursday, April 16, 2015

Warning about Chrome Added to Audio Page

There's a problem with the way Apache/Cocoon delivers mp3 files that makes them not load in Chrome. While we work on a permanent fix, I put up a warning for Chrome users to either use another browser or download.

~ Brett

Monday, April 13, 2015

Changed date of post-Reconstruction letter

Ken pointed out that a letter from Amelia W. Bates to Walt Whitman dated January 18, 1880, referred to a E. C. Stedman article that appeared in the November 1880 issue of Scribner's Monthly, suggesting that Bates misdated this letter in the first month of the new year.  I have corrected the date to January 18, [1881].

~ Nikki

Friday, March 27, 2015

Correction to display affecting journalism

The stylesheet was causing an irregular display for footnotes that
appeared within postscripts to correspondence (e.g.,,
such that the text of the footnotes appeared both in the postscript
and in the footnotes section. I have fixed the problem so that the
footnote anchor appears in the postscript and the text of the footnote
itself appears in the appropriate footnotes section.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Corrected Collection Name for Johns Hopkins EAD

On the advice of Jordon Steele, Hodson Curator of the University Archives at Johns Hopkins University, I have changed the name of the collection of the two items listed in their EAD from "MS. 7" to "MS. 1."

~ Brett

Published eight additional letters

I published one additional Civil War letter, from Martha Whitman to Walt Whitman of 21-23 December, 1863, and seven additional letters from the post-Reconstruction period, which include:

Whitelaw Reid to Walt Whitman, 17 July [1878]
Hannah Whitman Heyde to Walt Whitman, 2 January [1879]
James R. Osgood & Company to Walt Whitman, 20 March 1882
W. J. Forbes to Walt Whitman, [1880]
A. Williams to Walt Whitman, [1880]
Alfred Janson Bloor to Walt Whitman, 22 and 25 May 1882
Walt Whitman to Unidentified Correspondent, [between June and September 1880]

~ Nikki

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ed Whitley Added to Staff Page

I added a blurb about Ed Whitley's contributions to the Archive to About the Archive/Project Staff.

~ Brett

Added Gems from Walt Whitman

I have published Ed Whitley's transcription of Gems from Walt Whitman in Published Works/Books by Whitman, along with his introductory essay. I have also revised the introduction to the Rhys and Rossetti editions to credit Ed and to correct a handful of typos that Ken noticed.

~ Brett